10 Nov

Barbara signing out – Friends Deaf Club

How did you start off?

  • I am inspired by deaf people and how they overcome their daily barriers so I learnt BSL. Within Newham there were no facilities to do volunteer work with Deaf people.

Friends find a home

  • I knew I had space at St Marks where we could run a deaf club so I spoke with another BSL student name Angie and asked her if she would like to help me start our own deaf club, so we set up Friends club in partnership with London Deaf Information Service (LDIS), in Beckton, because I had the space in our community centre and there were no other deaf clubs in the area.

Are you hiding?

  • I feel deafness is a hidden disability as it is not something you can see immediately, unlike most other disabilities which can be quite obvious at a glance.

Community Awareness

  • I feel very passionately about the deaf community and am trying to help make the public more deaf aware by speaking to people about the ever growing deaf community here at the centre, and actively encourage people to learn BSL, to break down all of the barriers deaf people face on a daily basis.

Beckton Deaf Club – Our aims

  • Our aim with Friends deaf club is have somewhere that the deaf community and their families can come and socialise with people from the hearing community who are learning BSL, access advice and information about other services available to them.

You are welcome!

  • We would like St Marks to be a place where people from the Deaf community can come to and feel welcome.

Upcoming events

  • Christmas Party
  • Bingo (To be confirm)
  • Amateur drama