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Here at a Chubby Baby Signs our baby signing class, our primary focus is on learning language in a child-centred way so that it is motivating, engaging and most of all, fun. And by fun – we mean for your baby AND for you!

Our courses last for 10-weeks (each class is 40 minutes long) which allows us gradually to build up your baby signing vocabulary. Each week we start the class with a 'hello' sign so that the children and adults learn each other's names and this in turn helps to build friendships within the class – an equally important reason for coming to a Chubby Baby signing class. After this, we introduce a set of key words starting with important baby signs such as 'milk' 'more' 'all gone' 'food' 'drink', 'bath'.

  • In our classes we always involve the grown-ups and the babies in some fun activities as a way of teaching new signs and practising ones we already know. This is designed to give you some creative ideas on how to use the baby signs in all sorts of ways throughout the day. It might be a story, a post-box game, bubbles, a pop-up toy or a listening game to inspire families with ideas of what they can play when they are back at home.
  • Hands-on sensory activities delight your baby and develop all-round communication skills such as vocalising, listening and taking turns. They also stimulate your baby's senses, encourage their tracking skills and develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Time to relax with a cuppa and make new friends whilst your baby enjoys social playtime

Research has shown that babies who use sign language can show you his parents what they need. Often, when your baby is crying, you do not know why. However, if your baby is hungry and crying, but is able to sign the work 'milk', you the parent will know what the baby needs.

The idea of taking this one step further, and teaching babies a range of signs, was inspired by child development expert, Dr Joseph Garcia. He found that hearing babies of deaf parents easily copied their parents’ signs and used them to communicate.

Think of your baby pointing or waving “bye-bye“, or asking to be picked up by raising his arms. So, it’s not surprising that babies can learn how to sign.


  • Will it slow my baby’s ability to talk?
    • Nope! Chubby Baby Signing may actually help your baby learn to talk and add new words to his vocabulary. You may worry that teaching your baby to sign will slow down his normal speech development. In fact, research shows the opposite is true.
    • Chubby Baby signing is about enhancing, not replacing language. Chubby Baby Signing should be used along with normal speech so your baby can make the link between the gesture and the word. You will try to make sure your baby is looking at you, so that he’s concentrating on what you are saying, as well as what you are doing.
    • Gestures are a normal part of communication. Most young children will naturally pick up gestures or actions, like waving bye-bye or when joining in on nursery rhymes. They'll enjoy this long before they know the words!
    • When your cute baby can sign back, you may even enjoy a two-way conversation. If, for example, he tells you he can hear an aeroplane you can respond: “You heard an aeroplane? Yes, I can see it. Look, it’s over there. Isn’t it loud?“

Learn to communicate with your baby before they can speak, at Chubby Baby Signing class.

Join our Chubby Baby Signing Classes now starting;

  • Chubby Baby signing classes are run in blocks of 10 weeks
  • Each block covers the most important 50 core signs, which we know will make a huge difference
  • We cover 150 signs in all, and a few amazing babies have learned almost all of them!

In a relaxed, safe and secure environment
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