LDIS Sign Language Academy

Here at LDIS we offer
1:1 – BSL Mentor/classes

  • Since September 2016 we have been teaching BSL Level 1 to 31 students in total, on a 1:1 basis or in classes
  • We offer BSL tuition to hearing people, so they might be more effectively be able to communicate with their Deaf peers and clients

Deaf Awareness Training

If you work or have regular contact with Deaf people, Deaf Awareness training provides a valuable look at the problems faced by the Deaf community.It will not only improve your communication skills but will offer better understanding of the Deaf world and the barriers faced by Deaf and hard of hearing people, on a day-to-day basis.

By the end of the session you will

  • Identify and respond to different ways of communication from people who are Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Use basic sign language and facial expression to communicate
  • Better understand the day-to-day problems that Deaf people have in trying to access basic services (train announcements, reading and writing English, making phone calls etc.)
  • Be aware of the barriers faced by people in the Deaf community and how you can help to identify, address and break down these barriers

Teach In Schools

Sign Language Courses

Sign Language Basics
Get to grips with the basics of British Sign Language in this brilliant one-day course which is available in Newham and Central London.

Enrolling Now!

  • Enrol for BSL Level 1
  • Enrol for BSL Level 2
  • Level 1 Fast Track
  • Watch our short video adverts with BBC’s we need a famous person on video – What about your black actress friend Aimee Campbell-Nottage
  • Courses run for 30-weeks and lead to the nationally recognised Signature (insert LOGO) Level One or Level Two certificates.
  • Learning with LDIS also benefits the local deaf community by helping to fund our services
  • One to One learning is also available

Chubby Baby Signs

  • Here at a Chubby Baby Signs our baby signing class, our primary focus is on learning language in a child-centred way so that it is motivating, engaging and most of all, fun. And by fun – we mean for your baby AND for you!
  • Our courses last for 10-weeks (each class is 40 minutes long) which allows us gradually to build up your baby signing vocabulary
  • Chubby Baby signing classes are run in blocks of 10 weeks. Each block covers the most important 50 core signs, which we know will make a huge difference. We cover 150 signs in all, and a few amazing babies have learned almost all of them!