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Our Story:

  • We are a Deaf-led organisation, for Deaf people, because we understand deaf people
  • Deaf Multilingual Community Support (DMCS) is a Community Interest Company (CIC), whose mission is to promote the welfare and interests of ALL Deaf people
  • We here at DMCS support and promote Deaf culture and Sign Language from around the globe. Our organisation meets with Deaf people from around the world, who communicate in different sign languages. In order to fully meet their needs, we can provide Deaf Relay Interpreters who can sign in their native language
  • DMCS stand for deaf community with their background their culture and foreign sign language in UK to support each others
  • Through the DMCS website you can find information match on your preferences eg; so they can find out which area have strong community where they can meet others?
  • We have helped Deaf people from Poland, Lithuania, Iran and other places around the world, which struggle to communicate with hearing people

Our Services

  • We provide a wide range of services help finding employment, training, benefit assistance, and addressing health care needs, hospital and GP appointments, as well as many other daily issues that Deaf people very much need but often do not have access to, because of communication barriers
  • We also work alongside mainstream services (such as Job Centre Plus), to make them aware of the problems that Deaf people encounter on an almost daily basis, as well as ensuring that their services are accessible to Deaf people
  • Deafness is often viewed as a disability, but there is strong feeling in the Deaf world that they are merely a language minority. For throughout the years Deaf people have achieved many accomplishments and overcome communication barriers
  • LDIS will bring around a change for many Deaf people around Newham, London and the country-wide. They will bring together an often-fragmented community and offer them access to the same opportunities and service that hearing people enjoy and benefit from
  • We will bring together a community too often-fragmented and offer access to the same opportunities and services hearing people enjoy and benefit from.

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DMCS will work alongside LDIS – London Deaf Information Services. For Deaf clients that visit LDIS can be referred to DMCS, for example, if they require assistance in finding employment, filling in forms, sorting out benefit issues etc. When required, our Deaf Relay interpreters will be able to translate British Sign Language to the individual’s native language.

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